Innovation Creates Value

My healthcare provider recently sent me an email suggesting that if my Medical Insurance had changed I could go online and update my information. At first sight this would seem like a progressive step, I can keep my records up to date, but as I thought about this offer it reminded me that the whole process of insurance is littered with friction points and bumps in the road.

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What would it take to do something creative as a dinning experience? It’s not as though the world lacks restaurants that strive to offer all kinds of food. Even the settings vary as you can choose from the high end to gourmet street trucks. But what if you varied the location and the food, such is the mission of Dinner Lab.

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A pancake making machine

Pancake Production

Simply watching the news inspired a student to create a life saving design for his final year project. What if we made it mandatory that all engineering students, or perhaps all students complete one project that makes a contribution to society before they graduate?

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From “Engineering and Technology”1:
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Are Doctors Giving Us The Wrong Information

Could doctors be steering people away from an activity that keeps them healthy and prolongs their lives?

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Ideas for Coffee

Coffee that cleans your teeth and restores enamel.