Innovation Creates Value

Watching a television commercial on Wednesday : Feb 18, 2015 I’m struck by the fact that the main feature for a large vehicle is that it’s a mobile hot spot. This seems to suggest that to outsell your competition you have to add value by focusing on information as opposed to the vehicle!
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As requested Common produces on demand creativity

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Do you enjoy sitting in a train watching the scenery roll by, houses roll by, stations come and go. What thoughts come to your mind as world passes by your seat?

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According to this CBS report the cost of a degree in a public university in the  United States has increased 225% over the last 30 years. No word on whether this is measured in real terms or their just looking at the price but the factoid does give pause for thought. 
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Innovation can be as much about process as it is tangible products. 
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My healthcare provider recently sent me an email suggesting that if my Medical Insurance had changed I could go online and update my information. At first sight this would seem like a progressive step, I can keep my records up to date, but as I thought about this offer it reminded me that the whole process of insurance is littered with friction points and bumps in the road.

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What would it take to do something creative as a dinning experience? It’s not as though the world lacks restaurants that strive to offer all kinds of food. Even the settings vary as you can choose from the high end to gourmet street trucks. But what if you varied the location and the food, such is the mission of Dinner Lab.

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