Innovation Creates Value

A pancake making machine

Pancake Production

Simply watching the news inspired a student to create a life saving design for his final year project. What if we made it mandatory that all engineering students, or perhaps all students complete one project that makes a contribution to society before they graduate?

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From “Engineering and Technology”1:
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Are Doctors Giving Us The Wrong Information

Could doctors be steering people away from an activity that keeps them healthy and prolongs their lives?

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Ideas for Coffee

Coffee that cleans your teeth and restores enamel.

Being a sailor in the British Navy was a hazardous experience, and sometimes still is! Sailors face many hazards but as it turns out, had the admiralty adopted lemon juice as part of a sailor’s diet, many lives could have been saved.
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The concept of today’s low power transistor was first presented in 1926 but at the time there were not the manufacturing processes to produce such a device.

It took over 30 years until a device could be produced in manufacturing quantities and, as a sidetrack, the bipolar transistor was invented along the way.
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