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Are Car Makers Behind the Times?

Have you every bought a trash bag for your car? Seems a little strange but as automobiles become mobile information hubs they still lack the basic amenities for the amount of time we spend trapped inside. There’s no place for the trash, no place to store the paper handkerchiefs, the cup holders only take a certain size of cup, there’s no way to secure your shopping, if there is a special place to store sunglasses its too small for modern styles. In a nod to the world of the third millennium there are often power outlets but where do you put the devices you are trying to charge, can you easily secure your iPhone or iPad? Is there an easy way to secure your device so that you can safely use it for navigation? Is the car designed to be easily cleaned? And where do you store your handbag so that its accessible but not obtrusive?

The automobile is nearly 250 years old you’d think they’d have got round to basic creature comforts by now.

For additional thoughts and the glacial progress being made on the subject see this Wall Street Journal Article.

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